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Premiere Distillery

Welcome to Premiere Distillery, a family working together to bring you the finest spirits, handcrafted right here in Illinois.

Proudly Producing Hand-Crafted Spirits Made in Chicago.

Authentic, Award-Winning Quality, that you can taste in every sip. Enjoy!

Our brand started its existence in 1905 in Tsarist Russia, when one of the ancestors of our family started to produce his homemade vodka. By doing it carefully, with great knowledge and care, he achieved great results as his vodka was considered to be of a high quality and even was intended to be consumed by the elite. During those times, every landowner wanted to have his own brand of vodka. The great grandfather of my father was one of the first people who started producing vodka. It came in different variations - birch vodka, viburnum vodka, pear vodka, and cherry vodka.

Merchants from all over the place came to him to purchase his vodka for their shops and taverns. My father told me that his grandparents shared with him that this ancestor was so popular that his unique vodka production was considered to be ahead of its time. Certainly, it made him really famous and popular among his contemporaries.

We are proud, honored and humbled to announce that Real Russian Vodka has signed on to be our EXCLUSIVE Vodka distributor and they aren't playing around. We're pretty sure there will be more than we can possibly consume, so be sure and help us drink it next week at AFM!

Just a little bit about this awesome spirit:
Real Russian Vodka is rated as a Tier 1 Vodka according to renowned liquor vetting website Proof66.com, meaning the spirit has won the highest recommendation at least once and probably many times. But you don't have to take the liquor snobs' word for it because Real Russian Vodka also earned a perfect 5 out of 5 stars by the public consumer base of people like us!

If you love Vodka, you're going to love Real Russian Vodka just as much as we love them being a part of our awesome venue.

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